...are available to come into your school.

Evolution Fitness provide the following services

  • PE lessons: We can lead your PE sessions working through a structured lesson plan emphasising the ABCs of movement – Agility, Balance and Co-ordination and also sport specific skills scheme to challenge all the elements above as well as getting a great skills base to move on with. This also forms a part of our assessment scheme along with  a yearly workbook. The workbook covers a couple of age appropriate questions, what has inspired them, what they need to work on, what they have been great at… Ofsted have seen this and praised its content this year. Usually this takes place as a six week block of sports specific coaching at Keystage 2 whilst at Keystage 1 it also may be more movement ABCs specific especially for Reception and year 1.

  • Breakfast, Lunchtime & After School Clubs: We can run any of these sessions for you providing excellent, fun activities from Dance to Football, Mile Run Clubs to Circuits.

  • Competition Ready: We will liaise with the local SSP about sports competitions and help get your school teams ready to take part. We can do this as over a few sessions prior to taking part in the competition – rather than the children trying to learn as the competition progresses!

  • Active, Self Competition and Non Competitive Sport: We take small groups of like minded children who may not have  a great love of team sports and more competitive activities and provide fun games and activities that we suggest as an active lifestyle choice rather than something with the pressure to win all the time attached.

  • Dance: We offer a 6 week dance programme, Year Group specific, it also complements music lessons focusing on rhythm and beat. Perfect for the wet winter months indoors it offers a creative opportunities for the kids to express themselves.

  • Gymnastics: Again ideal for the winter months, we work through the Gymnastics Key Steps programme and again this gives great opportunity to link in with science talking about the body – muscle groups and skeleton.

  • Healthy Lifestyle: We offer a 6 week course on How To Be Healthy. Very interactive – we look at Good Lifestyle Choices, Good Nutrition Choices, Good Exercise Choices… Nice little workbook to fill in along the way….

  • Intra Schools Competition and Leadership Skills: We run a 6 hour course aimed at year 5’s, giving them the skills needed to organise, run & referee Competitions within the school at Year 6. We will oversee and help out at these competions as needed.

  • PE Coordinator Role: Use our knowledge and skills to act as your PE coordinator – organising teams, competitions, escorting teams to events, etc.

  • Intervention Groups: A variety of groups can be catered for, we use our skills to inspire good behaviour and aspiration in activities. Working with SEN children, less active/able children, Gender Specific groups and Gifted and Talented children.

  • Boxing: Ben Smith is available to come in and run the ABA boxing awards scheme at your school. This scheme is great promoting good behaviour, good lifestyle choices as well as a base of great boxing skills. He runs this at both primary and secondary schools and at secondary schools is linked to the ASDAN programme of qualifications.